Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Trip to Tuscany #1

I recently joined an online international art quilt group,
and we have planned to work in series on a theme of our choice.
We have to make 4 pieces in a year and I decided my work would be based on a trip to Tuscany I made 2 years ago.

These are my first drawings and I decided to play with lights and darks. I will keep the same design throughout the year.

I was not really happy with the flowers on the bottom right, so I decided not to include them in the final design.

This is the final quilt. It is pieced and raw edge applique, then free motion quilted. No binding, just a facing to keep a contemporary look to the quilt.


  1. Such beautiful and talented work - where did you get your inspiration for the idea?

    1. Thanks Kathleen! We went to Tuscany 2 summers ago and I took lots of pictures, this landscape is typical from there, I tried to make an abstract design based on my pictures.

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